Metropolitan Mutts

Metropolitan MuttsCalm K9’s Metropolitan Mutts is an informal group session that meets once a month to help acclimate dogs to life in our busy, distraction filled world! This fun, creative class is appropriate for dogs who have had schooling in basic obedience (sit, down, wait, stay and recall), and are able to walk calmly beside their handler. The goal of Metropolitan Mutts is to help desensitize your dog to a broad range of distractions, resulting in a relaxed, well adjusted dog who is comfortable in a variety of settings. Our Metropolitan Mutts class provides a safe, structured environment for people to work with their dog. While Metropolitan Mutts is not a training class, we are available for guidance and some assistance if necessary. Dogs with aggression issues or significant leash reactivity cannot participate in Metropolitan Mutts, although we do offer training programs that are appropriate for dogs with these types of challenges!

Another Metropolitan MuttClass activities will vary – some months we’ll take field trips to bustling locations in the Bay Area such as shopping areas, coffee shops, outdoor restaurants, parks where sports activities and picnics are underway, school playgrounds, busy sidewalks, stores with automatic doors - sites which characteristically exemplify the types of things your dog will frequently be exposed to in an urban environment. Other classes will focus on commonplace triggers such as skateboards, motorcycles, bicycles, loud trucks, wheelbarrows and gardening tools, hoses, random odd noises, people wearing large hats or backpacks, wheelchairs, folks on roller blades, and traffic. We will also do things such as meet and greets, waiting with and being handled by a stranger, leaving things alone while on the walk, other dogs, and confidence building exercises with, for example, wobble boards, obstacle courses and unfamiliar walking surfaces.

Anyone can join us – you needn’t be a client of Calm K9 to benefit from our outings! As long as you and your dog meet the criteria for participation, which includes a hands on evaluation of your dog, you are welcome to come to Metropolitan Mutts! This class is free of charge to all of my clients, and only $10.00 per class for everyone else! Metropolitan Mutts is slated to launch in the summer of 2012 - please sign up for our newsletter so you can stay informed of our schedule. For further information about Metropolitan Mutts, including Class Rules Regulations and Guidelines, please contact me!

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